My natural design style is to create comfortable living and work spaces that add value to my clients’ well being. I recognize that we all need a place to feel safe; a sanctuary in which we can live freely and true to ourselves.

When putting together a home or office, my premise is to infuse as much rich culture and soul essence into my design work. Every piece is hand selected for you in mind. We curate each and every detail.

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Arriving in Bali was surreal after not returning for 20 years. The smells, the colors, and the smiling faces of the Balinese women in the rice fields ignited my senses and a feeling of well-being overcame my soul.

We arrived at our beautiful private villa in Canngu, Bali, which was near Echo Beach on the western side of the island.

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My journey in interior design and architecture began in commercial design 25 years ago and since then, I have built a small design firm that focuses on interior architecture and boutique event planning.

In 2014, I became very ill and everything in my life fell apart. All of the things we hold dear were suddenly gone. My health, my wealth, and my joy were replaced with IVs, blood transfusions, and lots of poking and prodding.

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My passion for creating beautiful spaces started when I was a young girl - always wanting to design something, anything. I felt the desire deep in my roots as both a woman of color and an interior designer. The vantage point from where I sit is filled with classic design ideals blended with my ability to breathe life into spaces and transform them into environments that can heal, support, and enhance my client’s lives.

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