Arriving in Bali was surreal after not returning for 20 years. The smells, the colors, and the smiling faces of the Balinese women in the rice fields ignited my senses and a feeling of well-being overcame my soul.

We arrived at our beautiful private villa in Canngu, Bali, which was near Echo Beach on the western side of the island.

I would highly recommend this location in west Bali because it is serene and lush, with tropical foliage and orchids bursting from every tree trunk. Our villa was lovely and the staff were incredibly sweet and accommodating of our every need.

We traveled from there to Seminyak, Jimbarin and Amed for incredible scuba diving.

Each little jaunt had its own personality, unique in every detail.

Seminyak is a hip beach village with many boutique shops and cafes of every kind. So we walked, shopped, and tasted the incredible cuisines from all over the world.

After taking in this feast for the eyes and stomach, we headed to the sea to Jimbarin to a villa that was glorious, not only visually but also in its sense of deeper beauty. The views were amazing (see photos), the vibe was laid back, and the service was impeccable. From the house made tropical elixirs to the exquisite pastries and beautifully composed meals. Needless to say we fell in love.