Rose Colored Glasses

As an interior designer, I see the world through rose colored glasses. Always looking beyond what the eye can see to the feeling that color, texture, scale, and space represent to the human soul. 

My passion for creating beautiful spaces started when I was a young girl - always wanting to design something, anything. I felt the desire deep in my roots as both a woman of color and an interior designer. The vantage point from where I sit is filled with classic design ideals blended with my ability to breathe life into spaces and transform them into environments that can heal, support, and enhance my clients lives.

Intuitive Design

My perfect client is someone who is willing to trust my instincts and intuition to guide them on a journey into themselves. Allowing them to visualize how they want the space to feel and look. I use my classic training paired with my strong intuitive mind to develop a design that mirrors not only what they say they want, but also how they want to feel in the space (s).

My work is customized to my clients needs and desires. I use several tools to extract important information regarding the project’s direction and develop a process to support that direction and my clients journey. We refer to this as the “Full Circle” - a journey that starts and ends with our clients expectations being exceeded and their lifestyle enhanced for years to come.

Colorful African Hand-Woven Baskets