My journey in interior design and architecture began in commercial design 25 years ago and since then, I have built a small design firm that focuses on interior architecture and boutique event planning.

In 2014, I became very ill and everything in my life fell apart. All of the things we hold dear were suddenly gone. My health, my wealth, and my joy were replaced with IVs, blood transfusions, and lots of poking and prodding.

After many months of hospitalization, I came home to an empty house and a body that was weak and far from good health. But I didn’t give up...I worked tirelessly for months to regain what I had lost.

Fast forward to 2016

I am not 100% and probably never will be again. I made a choice to realize what had happened was my destiny and an opening for a second chance at life.

So here I sit, contemplating this new opportunity to LIVE.

And so the story begins...An adventure to Bali, Indonesia with my beautiful daughter to celebrate life and her college graduation.